Deep Drifts for Deep Grass

We’ve come out the other side of the “Historic April Blizzard”. The sun is shining today and the wind isn’t blowing- which is a true miracle. I think they’ve totaled the storm at 18 inches, which is less than 2 inches of actual moisture. But its the first 2 inches of moisture for a hopeful spring growing season. We stood out in the cow herd while the wind was howling and the snow was swirling and laughed about even thinking of calving any sooner than May 15th. Not because we are so smart to predict the weather and pin point the last spring snow storm. But because we honestly could never be set up for calving cows in lots and barns. Financially it would break us. Our little homestead has no room for a brand new 100 foot calving barn. Once again, we were reminded that to be an successful first timer in 2022, you are going to have to do some unconventional things

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