Sire and Semen Info

Most of the bulls listed on this page are actually here on the ranch to come look at. Sometimes it’s difficult to envision what a yearling bull will turn into, so feel free to ask for mature sire photos from wherever you get your next bull or stop by and see them yourself. When we are looking at the genetic potential of a bull we take into consideration a number of things but focusing on pedigree, general appearance, and EPD’s. 

Its easy to get lost in the pedigree talk but the longer you stay with any one program the more the same names come up time and time again. We gravitate towards older, proven lines such as Beral of Wye, Pinebank Waigroup 41/97, and Octoraro Ballot STO 6 to name a few.

General appearance is obviously so subjective. What one producer likes to see another may hate. But with our experience in grass based genetics we love to see a bull with short legs, big guts, a definite bully head. He should walk smoothly on big wide leg bones and be straight across the top. We love seeing a bull neck hump at yearling age- bonus points if we see it a weaning. Scrotal size is important but maybe not in the way you’ve heard before. What good is a huge scrotal circumference if most of it is fat? We may have a misconception on what true scrotal size is as a breed.

EPD’s are another very subjective point of consideration. Just about the time we think we know what a certain EPD means we start to see the true implications of too much of a good thing. We try very hard not to select too heavily for any one EPD trait, or trait in general. If we line breed for big guts and short legs eventually we will have nothing but turtles! We are cognizant of the Birth Weight (BW) and Calving Ease Direct (CED) EPD’s as well as Milk and $EN.

Buying a bull is a huge decision with major implications. Please feel free to call and visit about any questions you may have.

PCC BA General 2404E 

We purchased General at the Nebraska Pharo Cattle Company Sale in the fall of 2018. He brings good calving ease and great fleshing ability. We feel like his calves will be a great addition to both our breeding program and a grass finished program because of his IMF and tenderness score during ultrasound.


PCC D-J Daily Double 2748D  Semen Available

Daily Double calves are the most consistent quality, frame, and sized offspring we have had at the ranch. Sean calls him “The Cookie Cutter Bull” because of how uniform his calves are. He produced the first 10 lots of the PCC Montana 2021 sale. His sons brought the highest sale average in 2021. The daughters are every bit as impressive as the sons. They are thick, easy doing, and easy to be around. We are very excited to add these genetics to our cow herd.


PCC 4-P Yellowstone 1409G Semen Available Photos upon request

We used Yellowstone on our heifers this breeding season (2021) and we are anxious to see his calves this May. With his double breeding to Beral of Wye, Birth Weight EPD of -3.5 and a high $EN score he was as impressive in person as he was on paper. Bred to make you money.

Pinebank Southeast 116D Limited Semen Available

We recently added Pinebank Southeast 116D to our bull battery. This bull Traces back to the legendary Pinebank Waigroup 41/97. We are extremely excited to see the daughters from this bull. He will make an excellent outcross to our current cowherd. He Brings good calving ease and cow efficiency ($EN) combined with the right amount of growth to put fertile females in your herd and dollars in your pocket book. UPDATE – This bull has died of natural causes making his semen limited.

PCC 83R GPower 3624G

This guy showed an impressive mass from the moment we laid eyes on him. He dubs the nickname Meat Wagon around here and for good reason, he is as big around as he is tall. We have ran him with our commercial cows this summer (2021) and are anticipating a tremendous cross with these terminal calves. Looking forward to what he can offer us in the future.