Bulls For Sale

We are currently in the process of evaluating bulls that will be shipped to Pharo Cattle Company to be forage tested and (hopefully) be for sale in November 2020.  We have an excellent group of bull calves this year.  We have some great forage efficient bulls from some outstanding sires.  We have 5 sons of PCC McCool. He is a Beral of Wye son that brings good calving ease and good forage efficiency.  His sons are very stout and easy to be around.  We also have sons of TQ Otto B55E He traces back to Wye breading on both sides of the pedigree.  He brings good calving ease and a great Angus phenotype.  There a few sons out of PCC FSR Fortune  He is a Jake son with tremendous calving ease that traces back to the Homer.  We were fortunate enough to have Jake on the ranch a few years ago.  He covered 45 out of 50 cows in less than 60 days.  The Jake daughters we have now are great cows that hold their condition even in the toughest circumstances.   Our last group of bulls are sired by PCC Bullseye.  This bull also traces back to Beral of Wye and has very good calving ease and traces back to many generations of forage efficient cows.  We are very excited about this group of calves and can’t wait to see them grow.

Herd Sires

PCC BA General 2404E