Are You…a Preparer or a Repairer?

In ranching, we tend to pride ourselves on the ability to fix anything and to overcome any problem that is laid before us.   We spend a lot of time fixing fence, fixing equipment and putting out fires.   How many of those problems didn’t have to become problems if we had taken the time to prepare?  

We can make our businesses more efficient and effective if we take time to plan ahead.   I am a repairer by nature and my wife is a preparer.   It is in her nature to start off with a plan, while I like to step outside and see what the day brings.   Working with her every day for the last several years has shown me the value of planning.

When we know the direction we are heading, it is much easier to avoid potential wrecks before they become a problem.   We have started working on grazing plans, breeding plans and most recently financial plans as we prepare our business for the future. 

Have you started preparing your business for profit, or are you going to wait and see what happens?  Are you going to capitalize on the next few years of higher-than-normal income, or are you going to let expenses and inputs dictate the direction of your business?   We will all have an opportunity to make more income the next few years than most of us have ever imagined!   Are you prepared for it? 

I heard Dave Pratt ask a group of producers what they would do with $25,000 of profit from their business.   Have you ever thought about that?   What about $100,000 of profit?   How would you use and invest it?  

Now is the time to get prepared!   Be a preparer!   Invest in genetics that will lower your cost of production and increase your profits.   Make changes to your management that will allow you to graze more and longer.   Plan for a profit – and know where you are going to invest that money.

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