Standing the test of time

Being efficient is the art of “achieving maximum productivity with minimum wasted effort or expense”.  We have spent the last 10 years trying to breed cattle that would waste no bite of grass and have little need for extra inputs, except some hay in the winter.  As we hauled cows home today from distant pastures ahead of colder weather a neighbor who was helping us commented that he couldn’t believe how fat our cows had gotten off of our summer grass.  This has got me thinking on the quality of our cows.  The first time I truly noticed how grass efficient our cows are was in the summer of 2017.  It was the first true dry times we had faced and our cows came through in great flesh with good calves at their sides.  These moderate framed mommas are now facing their second challenge in our short careers.  While searching the twitter verse it is hard not to come across many cattleman and farmers who are feeling the pressure of a down market.  Our operation was not and still is not based on $1400 steer calves.  We have tried to keep our expenses as low as possible, to achieve maximum productivity from our resources.  These easy keeping cows are the key component  to our ability to continue to push forward in tough times.  These cows seem to show their true value when times are the toughest.

Pharo Cattle Company Fall Sales

Its that time of year again when our bulls head to the sale ring.  We are really happy with how these bulls have performed and grown.  We have grass finished a few contemporaries  to these bulls with tremendous results.  The steaks are very tender with great marbling and flavor.  If you are interested in genetics that will push your grass finishing operation to the next level than be sure to check out the bulls we have offered in the Colorado sale on November 5.

Lot 43 Video

Lot 44 Video

Lot 75 Video

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Lot 77 Video

Lot 78 Video

Below is an excerpt from Pharo’s BULLetin about our lot 74.

Top-Sort Bulls Galore –
By Kit Pharo

As we have said before, there are top-sort bulls scattered all the way through our sale catalog. I want to caution you against sorting so hard you miss out on some outstanding bulls. I have been guilty of that myself. With our Quick Sort program, it’s easy to do. I would like to share one of several examples I have come across while working with customers.

LOT 74 Little Mo

Lot 74 Video

EPD Info


This picture of Little Mo (Lot 74) was taken out in the pasture yesterday. Notice the short, dormant grass. As you can see, Little Mo does NOT lack for thickness, volume, masculinity, muscling or fleshing ability. He’s a stud! However, he has pretty average 4-star ratings for fleshing ability, thickness, muscling and masculinity. Little Mo has a great marbling ratio of 144%, along with a great tenderness score of 25. He has a 5-star disposition and 4+ calving ease.

Little Mo is not one of our leadoff bulls and he is not among the highest-rated bulls in this sale. Nevertheless, he has absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. He looks better today than he did when he was weighed and evaluated two months ago – and he looks better today than he did when he was videoed one month ago. Because of Little Mo’s phenotype, ultrasound data and DNA information, he is one of several bulls Tim Goodnight is keeping close tabs on. Tim says this bull has exactly what we want in our Grass-Fed Beef Alliance program.


2017 Bull Sale

The 2017 bull sale is over and we want to thank everyone that purchased bulls from us.  We truly appreciate you putting the trust in our program to purchase our bulls, it is an honor and privilege for us to be part of your program.  Thanks Again

Hot Hot Hot

This past week has been a reminder that we are not out of the summer weather pattern yet as it has been in the mid 90s most of the week.  We rented some pasture west of our house and ran 1 inch pipe on top of the ground to provide  the cows with fresh water.  On these hot days the water coming out of the pipe is as hot as bath water.  The cows tend to wait until night to consume most of their water as it is significantly cooler to drink.



Welcome to Lost Creek Cattle Company.  We raise grass, black angus cows, and blue eyed little cow kids.  We are very excited about ranching and hope you will enjoy our operation as much as we do.  Our door is always open to visitors and the coffee is always on.