Tough Calls

We had an unusually fun weekend planned. A big trip to the Watiki water park in Rapid City. No bull sale on the way, no grazing conference to swing in to, no other reason other than a fun time with friends. But we started hearing rumblings of a potential big snow coming so we had to make some tough calls in real short notice. Yes, the cows are out on corn stalks but they have a cement water tank that needs broke open every day if it even thinks about freezing and if the snow got too deep (spoiler alert- it did) we would need to go out and feed them. With no one else to lean on for chores we had to make the call to stay home. I thought for sure we were going to have tears and at least 2 really disappointed little girls. But they handled it like champs and seemed to totally understand that we had to stay for the cows.

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