Spring Time = Full Time

Sweet spring time on the ranch. Full of baby chicks, baby calves, fencing projects, a few honey do lists in there as well, tree plantings, softball schedules, plenty of horse 4H dates thrown in for fun and moving grazing cells every 5 days. Did I mention I thought dog obedience was a great 4h project for the 7 year old?? I cant say I know exactly what day it really turns on, but all of a sudden we find ourselves dragging into the house at 8:00 pm with zero meal prep and finally sitting down to eat another round of sausage and mac and cheese.

It feels like not too long ago when we were a little….dare I say it….bored….

Like clock work in the spring, we automatically start getting up at 5 to squeeze a few more hours (lets be real sometimes its just a few more minutes) of productivity into our day.

It seems to me that the second we start going sideways is approximately the same time we step outside as a family for the day. Never fails…the four words you hate to utter and hate even more to hear “the cows are out”, someone trips in a hole and sprains an ankle (hypothetically), the baby can’t make his fisher price scooter go in the grass, the 4 wheeler starts on fire (also hypothetical), somehow the beloved family dog was locked away for the night in an outbuilding and lets play a fun game of marco polo to find her, or some other random distraction that takes you away from whatever you were actually set out to do.

So I really do try to keep everyone inside the compound until we have a little “pick up your toys” game, make sure there’s at least some form of protein taken out for supper, and maybe one load of laundry is in the vicinity of the washer. Its really not much of a game plan but for me my life just doesn’t feel quite as crazy as it sounds when i can at least serve a decent(ish) meal. If you’re reading this your probably as crazy as we are and I hope this little bit of awareness helps you control your day, instead of the other way around.

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