PCC LCC Little Mo 3301E

Mo is the very first bull that we have had collected.  We are super excited for his potential across all aspects of the beef industry.  He traces back to our old 423 cow who stayed in production until she was 13 years old.  Mo combines good calving ease with great grass efficiency and should produce great cows for years to come.  You can purchase semen from Pharo Cattle Company

PCC BA General 

We purchased General at the Nebraska Pharo Cattle Company Sale  in the Fall 2018.  He brings good calving ease and great fleshing ability and we feel like his calves will be a great addition to our both our breeding and grass fed programs.




PCC McCool 1056Y

We AI some of our cows to this bull and are extremely excited about his potential for grass efficiency.  He traces back to Beral of Wye, and we enjoy his eye appeal as well as the potential for his off spring in grass based programs

Pinebank Southeast 116d

We recently added Pinebank Southeast 116D to our bull battery.  This bull traces back to the legendary Pinebank Waigroup 41/97.  We are extremely excited to see the daughters from this bull.  He will make an excellent outcross to our current cowherd.  He brings good calving ease and cow efficiency ($EN) combined with the right amount of growth to put fertile females in your herd and dollars in your pocket book.  He is currently being collected and we should have semen for sale in 2020.

PCC D-J Daily Double 2748D

This bulls calves are the first 10 lots of the PCC Montana sale.  The sisters are every bit as impressive as the bulls.  They are thick, easy doing, and easy to be around.  We are very excited to add these genetics to our cow herd.

PCC D-J Daily Double