Montana sale Bull Info

Lot 10’s dam is a 13 year old emblazon daughter. She has never missed a calf in all of her years of production. You can see her depth in the photo. Her udder is nearly perfect. She has raised many top sort calves that have done well in all environments

Here is lot one as a 5 month old calf
here is the cow herd the day after we recieved 2 feet of snow that was accompanied by 40 mph winds

Here is lot 10s sire. He has stamped his calves with the depth, thickness and masculinity that we should all be looking for in our calf crop. This bull will have the ability to push your cow herd in a more profitable direction.

We can add as much information as we wont about the bulls in our sales. we just need a place to store the informaiton through sale season. with the right qr codes they could be permanently placed in the sale catalog lot templates. or we could just do this on our RSI bulls. I can upload audio, video, photos, as well as any extra information that we wanted to share about the bull. We would just need a place to store the information on website and updated it accordingly.