Grass Fed Beef For Sale


A brand new venture is coming from the ranch just in time for barbecue season. We are excited to be able to provide you and your family with some of our locally raised, pasture finished, antibiotic and hormone free beef. They will be for sale in quarters, halves and wholes . Our grass fed animals will be delivered to Dakota Pack in Hettinger ND  in the end of June.  We will sell them by the quarter, half or whole. If you purchase a whole animal you would have more custom processing options and would receive our best price.  Invite your family or friends to go together on a whole animal and receive the best price we can offer. As always we welcome you out to the ranch and appreciate you taking an interest in our operation. Please feel free to call Sean at home 701.567.6635 to reserve your meat.





We sell USDA inspected Grass Finished Hamburger through out the year. Email for prices and availability.